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15/12/08  With sadness we record the death this morning of our esteemed member, long time friend and supporter of bellringing, Eileen Barry. Throughout her years in the rectory and in retirement her effervescent spirit was indomitable and her twinkling eyes will long be remembered.  

20/12/08  Today we laid to rest our friend Eileen, a noble soul whose like we are unlikely to meet again.  We rang the ten, unmuffled, before and after a service of thanksgiving for her life; conscious that, for some 59 years, we had been blessed by her presence, her principles and the friendship she freely offered to us all. We journey on with good memories.

22/12/08  The bells sounded for a couple of minutes tonight in a  BBC1 childrens'  TV programme 'Our Wee World At Christmas'. It featured a few children under instruction -- all smiling -- plus Adam's face and brief glimpses of the older 'children' of the tower. 

01/01/09  Alas, no Watchnight Service this year but we still made sure to greet the New Year with 12 strokes at midnight and a session of ringing. A sombre year behind us but we greet the prospect of better times and opportunities ahead and send greetings and best wishes for 2009 to all who visit this site !

04/01/09  On the morning of New Year's Eve a quarter peal of Grandsire Triples was rung as thanksgiving for the life of the late William John Walker (1919-2008); lifelong parishioner and grandfather of our Ringing Master.

04/01/09  A quarter peal of Plain Bob Doubles was rung today as thanksgiving for the life of our former member, Eileen Barry. (1916-2008).

05/03/09  At last! Yesterday a delaying glitch was finally disposed of and the bell from Hilltown  moved from the state of only being able to be rung manually to now being electrically operated.  The swing chiming bell is pleasant to listen to. Hopefully it will give long service and its voice become very familiar to parishioners and visitors alike.

19/03/09  Ringers from the Lancashire Association visited this morning and rang a peal of Black Sheep Surprise Royal.

14/04/09  We stayed at home yesterday to compete in the Cunningham Cup Contest and, thankfully, managed a home win. Adam Houston added to the day by following in Jonathan's footsteps when he was awarded the McBride Cup. Another trip to Dublin lies ahead for the Murphy Cup Contest. 

30/05/09  BBC Radio Ulster 'Your Place & Mine' featured our tower this morning. Ten mins of bells and explanatory chat from Simon, Dermot & Adam did the tower proud.

31/05/09  Last Sat (23rd) Alistair marked the 54th anniversary of his first service ring by conducting his first quarter...April Day Doubles. 

02/09/09  Today we had the sad honour to ring for the military funeral of a giant of a man; Captain Mark Hale of the 2nd Battalion,The Rifles. By all accounts an outstanding soldier and family man, he was a legendary figure in the regiment which has suffered so many casualties in the war in Afghanistan.  As a consequence of helping a wounded brother at arms he was himself mortally wounded and paid the ultimate price. Following the service we paid tribute with all ten bells muffled.

16/10/09  A peal of Black Sheep Surprise Royal rung here today by a band of the Society of Royal Cumberland Youths.

01/01/10 A moving end to the 'Noughties' decade: a quarter peal of PBD during the day plus ringing before the Watchnight Service at 11.30pm and again after the twelve strokes of midnight were sounded on the tenor. It was an unusual season for it is seldom that we have snow lying on both Christmas Day and New Year's Eve. Sub zero temperatures didn't blunt enthusiasm too much and, coupled with the lying snow, probably enhanced the sound and effect of the bells. On this cold and beautiful night greetings and best wishes are sent across the world equally to all who know us and those don't. We have a great life to share and opportunities to avail of in 2010 !


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