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At the present time we have an active and enthusiastic band capable of ringing call changes, Plain Hunt, Plain Bob, Grandsire & Stedman.   Many  members have rung quarter peals and seven have rung in at least one peal. 

   The following are the tower officers with effect from 3rd February 2016.

                                President ... Dermot Maginess

Captain/Ringing Master ... Simon Walker      Vice Captain ... Alistair Jameson

Hon. Secretary ............... Stan Scott         Hon. Treasurer ... Daryl Jameson

                        Steeple Keepers ... Ian Stanfield  &  Neville Turkington

There has been a strong tradition of ringing here with certain family names featuring regularly in the membership lists throughout the years.  In order to maintain a large band and generate a lively interest in keeping all the bells ringing for services, while the art of change ringing is also being progressed, continual efforts are made to attract new recruits.  Even in this large and growing parish it isn't an easy task! 

We are always glad to hear from people with an interest in ringing .. whether total novices or 'rusty' from years of inactivity!  Interested?  Please contact  the  ringingmaster@hillsboroughbells.co.uk  or come to the tower to see the action !

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