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Where and when to find us .....   

Ringing Master ... ringingmaster@hillsboroughbells.co.uk

Tower Secretary .. ns.scott@qub.ac.uk


Enquiries about bells being rung for weddings should be addressed to 

the Hon.Sec. or Ringing Master. A fee of £100 is charged to arrange

for availability of ringers and bells. Wedding organizers are asked to have

regard  for the logistics of arranging the attendance of 6 - 10 ringers.

While it is traditional for the bride to perhaps arrive a few minutes late the

increasing tendency to exceed this by up to tenfold is to be regretted.

While disrespectful and discourteous to all those engaged for the ceremony

it fails to recognize that ringers with later commitments - particularly those with

childcare responsibilities -  simply have no option but to leave before the end of the

delayed ceremony; hence reducing the available team of ringers and perhaps prejudicing

the desired effect of having the bells rung.       Punctuality facilitates all.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 



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    Simon Walker         ringingmaster@hillsboroughbells.co.uk     

  or  Edmund White       webmaster@hillsboroughbells.co.uk   

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