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20/6/03  The Rt. Worshipful the Mayor of Lisburn, Councillor Betty Campbell, hosted a reception for Hillsborough ringers at the City Council offices. She paid tribute to the tower's successes, gave us a guided tour of the Council Chamber then presented tower captain, Simon Walker, with a plaque bearing the City Council coat of arms.  

05/10/03  The official opening of the 'Downshire Centre'; a new complex of halls near the church. Guests included our former rector, Canon John Barry, and the 8th Marquis of Downshire. A quarter peal of PB triples was rung after the dedication ceremony.

24/5/04 The St James Guild visited and rang the first ever peal of Hillsborough Delight Royal; truly a delight to listen to on a glorious sunny day.   

07/8/04  Society of Royal Cumberland Youths rang a peal of London Royal No3.

16/6/05  The Lancashire Association rang a peal of Bristol Surprise Royal.

22/6/05.  At last!  The steeple jacks have removed the scaffolding and we can see a 'refreshed' tower and hear again the carillon & chimes marking out the days for us.    

15/3/06   With deep regret and sadness we announce the death of our esteemed member Jonathan Hanna. We will particularly miss his infectious spirit and optimism.

20/3/06   Band of Ancient Society of College Youths rang a peal of Grandsire Caters here.  It was rung half muffled and dedicated to the memory of Jonathan Hanna. 

24/3/06  The funeral today of our departed friend Jonathan. The sadness of hundreds was tinged with humour as the RM, paying tribute to his longtime friend, challenged the congregation  to remember JH for his qualities, fortitude and humour; above all his zest for life.  Burial took place in the adjoining churchyard; very close to the tower.  Future competition teams may be depleted but his enthusiastic spirit will remain with us. Twenty five ringers took part in the ringing -- with others present -- and over eleven towers were represented. We were pleased that IACR President, Ian McCullagh, was present. 

09/4/06  We rang a quarter peal of PB Doubles this evening to commemorate the life of Jonathan Hanna (1971-2006), a ringer of 17yrs at this tower.

20/09/06  With deep sadness we record the death this evening of our former rector and ringer, Rev. Canon John Barry; a life member of the IACR.  Our sympathy is extended to Eileen and the extended family. For 57 years we have been the beneficiaries of his support; his leadership, guidance and friendship. Much will be written; much will be remembered; not least of his great zest for life and challenges. In our sorrow it is our time to be glad for him.    

30/09/06  We said our farewells today to John Barry; our longtime rector, friend and supporter of bellringing. Aided by friends from other towers we had 21 ringers in action at the funeral service. Also ringing were our two veterans (in their mid 80's) G.White and N Johnston.  We rang the unmuffled 10 for an hour beforehand; preceded by prayers and marked halfway by a short period of silent remembrance. Instead of the tenor, the 2 was used for the ' 5 minute bell '... the bell inscribed "I am John".  Despite pouring rain hundreds attended a moving service which paid due tribute to our departed friend; incl. clergy and bishops and His Grace, the Archbishop of Armagh, Primate of All Ireland, Dr Robin Eames. Ringers were amongst those who bore the coffin from the church to the adjoining graveyard. Not for a few, the Canon's passing truly marks the end of an era.  

6/10/06  Some of our ringers went to Liverpool as part of a 22 strong band on a tour of 6 Liverpool bell towers.We rang at the Anglican Cathedral, Pier Head, Tuebrook, Garston, Everton & Childwall; enjoyed the bells, the exercise and the craic... and our RM got to ring the heaviest bell in the highest tower on the tour !   

30/11/06  Thanks to fast work by the Hayward Mills team our 'suspension of ringing' is -- at last -- suspended: Wheels on and bell frame looking like new.  Coupled with long  needed refurbishment of the stone stairway our tower situation is much improved.

30/12/06  A quarter peal of PB Doubles was rung today in thanksgiving for the life and ministry of the late Canon John Barry (1915-2006); rector from 1949 to1983.  

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